Agricultural, 4x4, Garden Machinery Service & Repairs


Open 6 days a week

Monday-Saturday 8:30-6:00

V Mounce Lifton
V Mounce Lifton
V Mounce Lifton
Vehicle Repairs.
V Mounce Lifton

Repair anything with an engine, from the smallest to biggest engine. Engine rebuild,  punctures, trailer brakes, vehicle brakes, electrical testing and lots more.

Steel Fabrication.


We manufacture many different ranges of steel work, from brackets to stables etc.



Lifton Farm Shop

Associated with our farm and workshop we also run a farm shop, where produce from the farm etc is sold. Click on the link below to vist the website.

V Mounce, Lifton.


V Mounce, Lifton.

Cylinder Heads And Blocks Faced.


V Mounce Lifotn

Our head facer is big enough to do six cylinder heads or a 6 cylinder block. It is great if you are having problems with head gasket blowing.

V Mounce Lifton